Poll: Americans say religious messages fuel negative views of gays

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(RNS) Most Americans believe messages about homosexuality coming from religious institutions contribute to negative views of gays and lesbians, and higher rates of suicide among gay youths, a new poll reports. While split on whether same-sex relations are sinful, Americans are more than twice as likely to give houses of worship low marks on handling […]

  • Elizabeth Sholes

    The voice of religious moderates and progressives is simply NOT heard. When the Evangelical Lutheran Church recently decided to ordain openly gay and lesbian pastors, it got a couple of inches notice. When the six California Episcopal bishops vigorously opposed Prop. 8 in that state, it was buried in the back pages. The fact that several mainline Protestant denominations support marriage equality and/or full equality of GLBT people, that never gets mentioned. The angry and loud voices of opposition are sexy media stories. The voices of inclusion and support are simply “boring” according to more than one reporter we have met. Funding exists in the ultra conservative world to have their faith organizations spread the words of division. Funding for the progressive faith groups is non existent or marginal. If those who believe voices of love and inclusion matter – support the faith organizations who can teach the truth of those views. Anything less will gain nothing more.

  • Denise McCarthy

    “There is no contradiction between Christian compassion and a call for holy living,” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins wrote recently in The Washington Post. “But the life which is holy … or even healthy … requires abstinence from homosexual conduct. We would do no one a favor if we ceased to proclaim that truth.” The truth always speaks for itself. These suicides originate from that knowledge that it is sin to be homosexual, so stop blaming the Church for your disgusting lifestyles. Progressives please don’t change what the Bible clearly states to fit your sinful ways.