Have Democrats lost faith in faith-based outreach?

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WASHINGTON (RNS) As Democrats conduct a grim postmortem on Tuesday’s (Nov. 2) elections, some liberal leaders say one diagnosis is already clear: the party’s outreach to religious voters was lifeless from the start. Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008 in part because they wrested Catholics and some white […]

  • Don Stribling

    I am both gladdened and saddened by this article. Glad that I am not the only one who is convinced that had we spoken of the Obama agenda in moral terms we would be much further than we are in getting it accomplished. Sad that such an intelligent person as Obama has a fear of speaking in moral and religious terms. I sense he knows God because of his efforts to help those who cannot help themselves. I also sense there is a voice within him telling him not to go there. He needs Tony Campolo and Walter Brueggemann on speed dial.

  • kirbys

    Sister Campbell,
    I had absolutely no fear of going in to the voting booth and voting against all of those who have an oppressive agenda against the unborn. As you would of course understand, they are the original voiceless, oppressed minority. I voted against the black genocide which is abortion. And I am happy to say that we are raising seven future voters in our house who will be unafraid to vote their well-formed consciences for years to come.

  • Craig

    Given the Democrats position on so many issues, most notably their endorsement and defense of the modern day practice of child sacrifice known as abortion, it is difficult to see their appeal to religious people as anything other than a hypocritical pandering for votes. I have more respect for them when they stay true to their secular humanist agenda; I cannot vote for them, but I respect them more.