Line between divine inspiration and religious insanity is a narrow one

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(RNS) A teenager says God and Jesus appeared to him in a grove and told him to start a new Christian church. Another person claims the Almighty talks to him through the radio. A French girl gets messages from heaven to lead an army against the British, while a Utah woman thinks she is meant […]

  • Lemmy

    Elizabeth thinks God would never do something like that? Really? What Bible is she reading? Must be a fairly sanitized one. The one I’ve read has God commanding the death of men, women, and babies right and left.

  • Kathryn Schutz

    Psychiatry often violates the RULES OF traditional Greek LOGIC (THE RULES OF THE SQUARE OF THE SYLLOGISM), by invalidly and untruthfully expanding a partial truth to a universal truth, eg., some people who hear God are crazy, therefore all people who hear God are crazy — thereby speaking lies about the Biblical Prophets and Jesus Christ, the Saints. There is a sociological untruth behind their refusal to accept real communication between God and His people: i.e. it isn’t politically correct. Genuine sound rules for discernment of these phenomena are found in the spiritual classic THE ASCENT OF MT. CARMEL by ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS, a spiritual master and Doctor of the Catholic Church.

  • CR S

    Um, Jean D’Arc led the French against the English, not the British, as there wasn’t a Britain until the 18th century (Act of Union 1707).
    Furthermore, I agree that Ms. Smart must not have been reading her bible (which isn’t all that surprising as believers don’t seem to know much about it). Rape seemed to be a favourite sport for Jehovah. Also, Lot’s daughters, fearing he might be upset at his wife being salt and all, decided to cheer him up by sleeping with him. This sanitized “god” that American’s love, unless they are basing teh gayz (then they remember the bible), doesn’t reflect what their religion is built upon.

  • CR S

    Sorry, Jean should be Jeanne.

  • Our Faith President let voices in his head guide US foreign policy:

    “I am driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, ‘George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan’. And I did. And then God would tell me ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’. And I did.”-President George W. Bush to Nabil Shaath, Palestinian foreign minister.

    Now that’s insane!

  • chris

    one why we can tell, is the why jesus said to do,,,, By thier fruits you will know them,,Mat:7:15,,James town, David C. with the branch dividians, The heaven gate guy in San Diego, all bad,, the one in S.L.C. Utah,,, full steam ahead,,Its a corvette in the world or churches,,and none can keep up with it,, IE 60,000 2 year missionaries,, 7 Billion a year income,, Big Temples all over the world,, and one heck of a choir! to view it otherwise is to denie reality…

  • Jim

    I think you’ve unfairly included two people in this article: Martin Luther and Joseph Smith.

    Luther, as far as I know, never claimed personal revelation from God, but was actually trying to stop what he saw as corruption in the Church. By all accounts, he did not want to split with the Church; he merely wanted to stop such practices as the selling of indulgences.

    Joseph Smith, it appears to me, was also not delusional, but rather a P.T. Barnum-style showman who lied for personal gain.

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