Obama, in shadow of worrisome polls, embraces `Christian’ label

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WASHINGTON (RNS) When President Obama lit the National Christmas Tree behind the White House last year, he spoke of a “child born far from home” and said “while this story may be a Christian one, its lesson is universal.” This year, Obama referenced that same “child born far from home,” but added a more personal […]

  • Michelle

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just as muslims are taught to be.

  • SML

    President Obama.

    Human rights for the unborn.

    Demographic Winter – the decline of the human family.

    A Champion For Maternal Health

    Population crisis


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    Solange Miller

  • B.F.

    Christianity is a way of life. President Obama DOES NOT act like a Christian. Real Christians don’t solicit to kill children in the womb. Obama is a CINO. In the Catholic world that means Catholic In Name Only. But that certainly applies to those claiming to be Christians In Name Only as well.

  • Peter

    He’s a Christian? He may want to tell the unborn children just as King Herod should have told the children he allowed to be massacred.

    Now Obama wants to nix the abortion-conscience right to health care workers. Christiann??? Being a Christian means following Christ’s teachings not polls Mr. President.

  • john laperuta

    Obama can call himself whatever he wants,it does’nt mean a thing,saying your Christian does’nt make you a Christian…what I’d like to ask him is what does he consider a Christian..a true follower of Christ would never support abortion(one of Gods titles is The Lord the Giver of Life)..why did he omit the mention of God from the Constitution?Jesus said..if you are ashamed of me..I will not recognize you.Perhaps Mr.Obama would do good to actually learn the Christian faith…perhaps his next book he reads should be something not from Oprahs booklist..one you’d never see on it…the Bible…it’s the real thing..not a book of hate and violence as the Koran.

  • OneoftheSheep

    Is there enough evidence to convict this man of being a Christian by a court of law? Simply his own words, or does he protect the innocent unborn among us? Give his money to Christian charities? Worship the Lord regularly in song and prayer? Have a knowledge of God’s word? Inspire fellow Christians? Will we know he is Christian by his love, by his love?
    Let the fruits of his life convict him of his Christianity…IF THEY CAN DO SO…+

  • Rose

    Obama will call himself whatever he feels it takes to get elected. If he thought there was an overwhelming population of green people that would vote for him, I guarantee he would get the word out that he is green. Pro-choice and killing innocent lives certainly does not constitute being a Christian. That was was to get the pro-choice vote. Let’s see..what other votes has he gone for..Oh, yeah, the gay vote, the anti-war vote, and on and on….none of that worked out real well for him, so as a back-up, perhaps we’ll try the Christian vote. Give me a break!