U.S. split on `Happy Holidays’ vs. `Merry Christmas’

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(RNS) While more than nine out of 10 Americans say they plan to celebrate Christmas this year, they are divided on whether businesses should use messages like “Season’s Greetings” rather than “Merry Christmas,” according to a new poll. The latest PRRI/RNS Religion News Poll, released Thursday (Dec. 16), found Americans are split, 44 percent in […]

  • I’ve been writing on this “issue” for the last few years…

    Here’s my latest offering, if anyone is interested


  • Fran

    If you look up the origins of Christmas, even in the Encylopaedia, you will find out that Christmas was not even celebrated by the early Christians who are mentioned in the Bible at 33 C.E. It was not celebrated until around 333 C.E., and was based on pagan festivies such as the winter solstice and the Saturnalia, some 300 years after those early Christians, all used as an ‘excuse’ to get the ‘pagans into the ‘church’. The exact date of Jesus’ birth is not even known, though most historians would speculate that it was probably in the fall, when the actual shepherds would have been out, and not in the winter. Also, Jesus did not command his followers to celebrate his birth but to celebrate the memorial of his death, once every year, (“keep doing this in remembrance of me”), since his death accomplished more for mankind (forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life) than his birth. Santa Claus had and has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, yet seems to be the ‘MAJOR’ player of the Christmas season, knowing ‘when you’ve been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake’, as opposed to God and his son, Jesus Christ. It is also proclaimed that all these good gifts are provided by Santa, (who doesn’t really exist, but God and Jesus do!) when in fact it is the parents, who don’t receive the due acknowledgement or appreciation and thanks therefor. Jesus Christ is no longer a baby but the reigning son of God’s Kingdom in the heavens. In addition, what Jesus taught us, through God’s word, the Bible, shows us how to live our lives (bringing us much happiness and peace of mind), that we should treat our fellowman with love, respect and peace, and bring joy to God, EVERY DAY of our lives, not just during a ‘holiday season.’ Even more so today than in the past, the vast majority of people are struggling to even put dinner on the table, clothing on their bodies, or a roof over their head, and yet how can they go out and afford to “buy all those Christmas gifts” at this time? If the early Christians did not even celebrate this ‘holiday’, then WHY SHOULD WE?

  • Roxanne Binstock

    Excuse me, Merry xmas

  • Fran

    Christmas is on its last leg, just as man governments…. I’ll be happier when it’s no longer around to enslave anyone any more!