House `radicalization’ hearings worry U.S. Muslims

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Mass protests against planned mosques in New York City and Tennessee. An Oklahoma referendum to ban Islamic law. A media circus around a Florida pastor’s threat to burn Qurans. An outbreak of homegrown Islamic terrorists. Two U.S.-led wars in predominantly Muslim countries. There was no shortage of topics to discuss at the recent […]

  • Midwester

    The problem with Islam is that it is a totalitarian belief system. It requires believers to establish Shariah law once a majority is reached. It shares many similarities to Leninism. For example, both the communist and the Muslim is permitted to lie in order to further their agenda. In fact, one of the 99 names for the Muslim god is “The Deceiver”. In my opinion it is incompatible with Western Civilization. It is at best a Christian heresy, at worst a diabolically inspired faith (recall Mohammed’s encounter in the cave, and his uncertainty as to who he really encountered — Gabriel or someone else). Islam should be reclassified as a political movement with religious components and it’s adherents should be registered as agents of a foreign power. It should not receive tax exempt status, nor should it be accommodated in the public square.