The Al-Cosby Show?

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Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page had an interesting column this week, “It couldn’t hurt to have a Muslim ‘Cosby Show.” “It’s hard to be afraid of the people we see on TV sitcoms every week,” the Pulitzer Prize winner argued, explaining that television has the power to shape public perceptions and that something like a […]

  • Another mixed bag from American television — on the drama end of things — was SLEEPER CELL, on Showtime. Michael Ealy (the BARBERSHOP movies, THE GOOD WIFE) played an FBI agent who was a devout Muslim, tasked with infiltrating a terrorist cell in Los Angeles led by a jihadist (played by Israeli Jewish actor Oded Fehr) — who was, in turn, passing as a Jewish businessman.

    The show ran two seasons with an interesting mix of characters. Some of the radicals were of European ancestry, while some of the moderate and peaceful Muslims were from Africa and Western Asia. I blame the show’s failure to make it past two seasons on a reluctance to say farewell to their first-season villain, forcing them to create a ridiculous escape-from-Guantanamo scenario that hobbled the second season.

    (So in that sense, this show was a lot like HEROES, which depended too heavily on the villain Sylar.)

  • Ellen Price

    I would love to see “Little Mosque on the Prairie” aired in the U.S. A friend of mine introduced me to the show a few years ago and I’ve watched the first two seasons on DVD.

  • Just have a show with a melting pot of people. That’s what we are anyways. No need to differentiate in my opinion. Have a show about the Cosby’s and their muslim neighbors. Blend.