No experience necessary

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seems to be the philosophy of the Obama administration when it comes to its top religion jobs. Joshua DuBois, head of the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, had no background in social service provision. The ambassador to the Holy See, Miguel Diaz, came to his position with a background in academic theology, not diplomacy. And then there’s Suzan Johnson Cook, just renominated to serve as ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom with nothing more than a reputation for lively preaching and motivational speaking.

Maybe experience is overrated. And maybe the Obamaites want to make sure that no one carrying a religion portfolio is in a position to pull a DiIulio on them.

  • For all of DiLulio’s posturing, he knew jack squat about the delivery of social services, and he fabricated claims that religious groups do a wonderful job providing essential social services. I was privy to concrete evidence regarding his claims that religious prisons are just wonderful. They had data, only the analyses showed the opposite of what DiLulio and Byron Johnson wanted–so they just ignored the analyses and claimed that Jesus Prisons are the cat’s meow.