National debt is new hot issue for evangelicals

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Many economists warn that the government’s huge national debt is a looming threat to long-term prosperity. But is it also immoral? According to a growing number of conservative Christians, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” As Washington debates President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget, the morality of the deficit has become the hot topic […]

  • victor caraveo

    Now that Republicans are not in control they called the budget inmoral but when they were in power and made unnescesary wars that cost close to a trillion dollars and expend money left and right in military purposes, they call it was important, at least now government expendes money in education not bullets.

  • Roger

    As I’ve said on other web sites, it’s past time to be bickering.

    Bush may have doubled the debt, but it took him 8 years to do it. And I don’t praise him for having done so, or for what the money went for. Obama tripled the debt since then, and it took him only 2 years, and if the Republicans, somewhat brought into line by Tea Partiers and other conservatives, don’t defund a lot of the worst programs, it will only get worse. We can’t praise either the person who set the building on fire, or the person who threw gas on the fire. They’re both to blame. And yet they’re just puppets.

    Now that people are finally waking up, we’ve got to figure a way to get out of this mess without everyone who has a job losing it, and without burdening future generations for this horrible mess. Let’s concentrate on this rather than on pointing fingers.