Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup

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Oops! … They did it again. The Obama administration again made big religion news last Friday (before a holiday weekend, no less!) though, to be fair, it wasn’t as late in the day as the faith advisory council announcement. The Dept. of Health & Human Services on Friday said they’ve rescinded Bush-era conscience protections for […]

  • “Scientists are looking for the Garden of Eden.”

    Oh come on, David. At least put the phrase “Garden of Eden” in quotations.

    Knowing religionists the way we do some are going to read your misleading teaser, investigate / read no further, and come away with the misconception that genuine accredited scientists are actually looking for the mythical place of the Bible.

    I can see their message group posts now: “See, even the Scientists now believe in the Garden of Eden! Not only have they found Noah’s Ark, and the entrance to Hell, they’ll soon find the real Garden.”

    Please remember who a portion of your readership is, and in the future try not to give them teasers that will confuse them.

  • Soory.. “Daniel” not David.