Methodists shun the bottle that no one wants to talk about

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(RNS) The Rev. James Howell knew he had a problem on his hands when several teenagers arrived at a church dance drunk and had to be taken from the church by ambulance for treatment for alcohol poisoning. Starting in 2009, he urged his flock at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C., to give […]

  • Karen_V

    Since when do Muslims drink at all? Alcohol is as forbidden as pork, and not only during Ramadan.

    And Roman Catholic tradition is to not drink alcohol on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, but there are no other restrictions. Meat is traditionally given up during Lent, but any abstention from alcohol is individual.

    A little basic familiarity with religion please, or at least do some basic research!

  • I thought your article interesting but one point about Muslims and alcohol needs corrected. Alcohol is forbidden (haraam) in Islam at all times, not just during Ramadan as reported.

  • Kevin Eckstrom

    It’s a fair point, Religion Nerd, but you’ll notice that the article is worded a certain way to refer to those Muslims who drink. And some of them do. I was just with a Muslim friend a few weeks ago who had a few beers. So while Islam officially prohibits alcohol, not all Muslims follow that rule.

  • Strange, I don’t recall the qualification “those who drink at all” being in the article when I first read it.

  • i find it hard to believe jesus drank wine.. but thats just me!