For Mormons, what does `follow the Prophet’ really mean?

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SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) Mormon President Thomas S. Monson, his two right-hand men and 12 apostles will take to the podium at this weekend's (April 2-3) General Conference and offer sermons that many Mormons will treat like faxes from God. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints consider these 15 men “prophets, […]

  • If this so-called church ever has a female prophet, I might consider joining.

  • Prophet has never been wrong? That’s interesting… is that why they had to reverse their position on polygamy; and why the exclusion of blacks from the Celestial Whatever was reversed in the 1970’s?

    OH wait.. it was GOD who told the prophets e changed his mind…so of course the prophets weren’t wrong you promulgated those obscenities.

    Mormon cultists are even more hypocritical than main stream Christian cultists…if that’s possible.

  • excuse the typos:
    “he” change his mind
    “who” promulgated those obscenities

  • LDS Member

    Question to consider, doesn’t it not say in the Bible that women should not hold a leadership in the Church of the Lord Christs name? We are taught, as members of the Church, (take note that I converted to the Church) are taught to follow the law of the Land. We WERE hypocritical in the believe of polygamy in the past. But, follow the laws of the land. So it change (unless you are the Community of Christ). There happens to be a huge difference between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Community of Christ. LDS members are not cultists, I’m sorry I have majored in Religion and they are by far from cultists. A cultist is someone who doesn’t believe in government and will KILL someone if they try to leave the cult. Also, we do nice deeds. Cultists do the opposite. I don’t mean to be harsh in terms but sometimes I think people (in all religions) come to harsh conclusions about each other before actually doing their homework. I did my homework on religions because I was looking for the right one for me to join. Well, found it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a lot nice and generous people. Believe me. I just got married and they paid for our marriage (no, I am not in the Community of Christ, so there isn’t any polygamy). If there is, they are kicked out of the Church. As for homosexuality. . . The Bible even says that it is against God’s few of his Children. If God were to modernize, then where are our new commandments?

  • Joe Fuller

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