Deadly Afghan riots blamed on Quran burning at Fla. church

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(RNS) The Florida pastor who presided over the recent burning of a Quran said the United Nations must protect Afghans from deadly riots, even as he denied responsibility for inspiring them. At least eight U.N. aid workers and four others were killed Friday (April 1) at a compound in the city of Mazar-e Sharif. Media […]

  • Jack Pinckert

    So let me get this straight. Other countries can burn American Flags, Bibles, and pretty much anything else they want to do and Americans and others are to just except it. Its there freedom of speech, expression and what not, but……burn a Quran and its some evil atrocity?
    So terrible an act that people are incited to violence and demanding some type of blame or punishment be leveled against a group or individual?
    Wake up America! We are being taken over from within. When you hear people claiming you have to be tolerant, politically correct of others, or they claim people are racist, these are key words that they want you to lie down while they walk over your rights.