Donohue v. Bettencourt

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I should have held my breath after all. Bill Donohue has gone ahead and let loose a broadside, calling on the New Hampshire House to pass a resolution of censure against Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt. The latter “had plenty of time to retract his vicious assault on Manchester Bishop John B. McCormack and refuses to do so,” Donohue pronounced. Evidently he is unaware of the Bettencourt apology or considers it inadequate. I’m guessing the former.

Update: Now D.J. wants an audience to kiss McCormack’s…ring.

Later Update: Whether or not Donohue was aware of the Bettencourt letter when he first weighed in, he is now, and he’s not buying:

Bettencourt could have simply issued an apology, and the entire matter would have been behind him. But instead he chose to stick to his guns. Such arrogance is appalling. He needs to be censured now more than ever. If New Hampshire lawmakers tolerate this level of discourse, they will only invite more recklessness in the future.

Now that I think of it, there would be something bizarre about a state legislature censuring a member for being uncivil to a leader of his own religious body. You’ve got to hand it to Bill, he’s managed to put Bettencourt between a rock and a most uncomfortable place: Either brave the rage of Donohue or grovel for McCormack’s pardon.

Tuesday Update: Bettencourt says he’ll meet with McCormack to apologize in person.

Tuesday Later Update: So Donohue backs off.

Tuesday Even Later: Donohue backs on. Call NH GOP “in trouble.” 

  • anonymously

    The one that needs to be censored is Bill Donohue!

  • SarahTX2

    With Donohue in the mix, the criticism of Bettencourt loses all credibility. Donohue and McCormack could well be soulmates in their views of what constitutes a “vicious assault”. Neither is willing to say that men raping children is either vicious or constitutes an assault.

  • David Lorenz

    When the shoe fits … McCormack willfully allowed hundreds of children to be raped and sodomized by reassigning and protecting pedophile priests. What should we call him if not a pimp?

  • drwho13

    Donohue saves me so much time. Once he has commented on an issue, I don’t need to read anything else. I just take the opposite position, and rest assured that I’m correct. Try it; it has never been known to fail.

  • Sister Maureen Paul Turlish

    Bill what’s his name is at it again, HOWEVER –
    (Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe:)
    No matter how offensive one may find N.H. Representative D.J. Bettencourt’s remarks about the bishop of Manchester, Bishop John McCormack’s role in enabling, facilitating and covering up for the sexual abuse of untold numbers of innocent children in the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts is a matter of record, “N. H. lawmaker calls Manchester bishop ‘pedophile pimp,” (04/02/2011).
    He, along with Cardinal Bernard Law and a number of his fellows in the archdiocese have never been held truly accountable for their involvement in the sexual abuse of children by clergy or the cover-up that ensued.
    State authorities should have prosecuted these individuals, including McCormack, instead of cutting deals with them to avoid prosecution. To that extent, along with church hierarchy, those authorities have also failed the children of their state.
    Having failed to follow the words of Jesus Christ to protect children in the first place, church leadership cannot and should not be trusted to do the morally right thing now.
    Just look at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where too many people trusted Cardinal Justin Rigali to do the right thing after the 2005 Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on the Archdiocese was released only to learn with the 2011 Grand Jury Report that very little of substance had actually been done in the intervening six years.
    All statutes of limitation, criminal and civil, must be removed regarding the sexual abuse of children – BY ANYONE. And there needs to be a civil window of at least two years to bring forward previously time barred cases of childhood sexual abuse – BY ANYONE.
    We did it in DELAWARE and we are attempting to do it in PENNSYLVANIA with the CHILD VICTIMS HOUSE BILLS 832 & 878.
    It should be done in every state and the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church should be leading the parade.
    No doing so is a contradiction of everything Jesus has taught us and a sin against the Holy Spirit.
    Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
    Victims Advocate
    Sister Maureen is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who has been actively involved in statute of limitation reform and victim support for the past ten years. She spoke before the Senate and House Judiciary committees in support of Delaware’s 2007 Child Victims’ Law and she was recently invited to speak at the PA state capitol in support of House Bills 832 & 878 supporting victims of childhood sexual abuse.

  • T Tuthill

    Bettencourt’s apology (if it happened) to the Archbishop is very interesting. With it, he regains the moral high ground — He apologized — which is more than one can say for the archbishop.