Kmiec’s gospel falls flat in Foggy Bottom

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(RNS) The State Department has a “rigidly narrow” view of diplomacy that neglects religion’s role in foreign affairs, a prominent Catholic ambassador charged on Sunday as he announced his resignation. Other foreign policy experts have another name for it: Religion Avoidance Syndrome. And the departure of Douglas Kmiec as ambassador to Malta, they say, is […]

  • Fred

    How ironic? Kmiec sold out his faith to support a man whose real beliefs (as demonstrated by his actions) were antithetical to what Kmiec claims he believes… then he gets sold out by the same man! Now who could have seen that coming?

    Maybe this is a wake-up call for Kmiec to re-examine just where his faith belongs…

  • Madame Defarge

    Doug Kmiec made a pact with the devil, and now he finds himself cheated. Too bad, so sad.

  • John

    Doug Kmiec sold out unborn babies and now gets stabbed in the back by the pro-abortionists. Too bad so sad.

  • Paul

    The State Dept. lives in a dual universe where only secular ideals matter…to them. When Hillary Clinton went to Mexico early on in her tenure as Sec. State, she went to the Cathedral in Mexico City to see the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Her comment was something like “what a lovely picture , who painted it?” As most Catholics know, Our Lady of Guadalupe is an image which appeared supernaturally to a peasant Juan Diego in the 16th century. It is estimated that five million native Mexicans and South Americans converted to Christianity because of this singular event. If you go to South America this image is everywhere. How then does a Sec of State with a huge staff and unlimited resources make such a blunder? They are totally out of touch with the religion and culture of our next door neighbors. Doesn’t bode well for our knowledge of other faiths and cultues throughout the world.

  • David

    Mr Kmiec is a front man for a giant “Fifth Column” operating in the U.S. Catholic Church. He, and his supporters, need to be quarantined.