Christians don’t heart Capitalism

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More American think that “capitalism and the free market system are at odds with Christian values” than think they are “consistent” (44 percent to 38 percent)–and Christians alone feel the same way by a slightly wider margin (46 percent to 38 percent), according to the latest Public Religion Research Institute/Religion News Service survey. But PRRRI/RNS hasn’t broken down the responses by religious tradition.

We do learn that the percentages are more than reversed among those who identify with the Tea Party, 56 percent of whom believe that the two systems of values are consistent while 35 percent think they are at odds. My guess is that white evangelicals look a lot more like Tea Partiers than other Christians, while Catholics go strongly the other way. And what about the Nones? It would be nice to know. With over 1,000 respondents, there’s sufficient data to give statistically significant figures on the major religious groupings. C’mon guys!