Gingrich talks of journey to Catholicism

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Tilting toward a run at the presidency, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich traced his spiritual journey from Southern Baptist to Roman Catholic at a Catholic prayer breakfast here on Wednesday (April 27). “People ask me when I decided to become Catholic,” said Gingrich, who formally converted in 2009. “It would be more accurate […]

  • Jess Sterling

    In the Bible, Jesus clearly taught the way to heaven. We’re all sinners since the Garden of Eden, God says the penalty for sin is hell but Jesus paid the penalty for the world’s sins by dying on the cross. Eternal life is a free gift, however to receive it, you have to be genuinely sorry for your sins and desire to change, realize Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for your sins, rose from the dead then pray to ask Him to save your soul from hell.

    Biblical Christianity is the only religion where man must “do” nothing to receive salvation; all the others, such as Catholicism depend on man’s good works to get him into heaven. Catholics must be baptized in infancy to exorcise supposed demons, receive the sacrament of penance, make confession to priests and take the holy eucharist throughout their lives, undergo confirmation and pay for masses to get out of “purgatory.” None of these practices, beliefs and words are contained in the Bible (except baptism, and it’s practiced completely differently) and are in fact contrary to the Bible’s teachings in every way.

    If I knew nothing else about Newt Gingrich but the fact that he became a Catholic after having been a Baptist, I’d not vote for him and consider him stupid, crazy, suicidal and/or whipped because Jesus could not have made it any clearer that there is only one way to heaven and it’s through Him…