Two-thirds of Americans say bin Laden’s in hell

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(RNS) While Americans have debated whether Osama bin Laden’s body belongs at the bottom of the Arabian Sea, most agree on the final destination of his soul: in hell. A new poll released Wednesday (May 11) reports that most Americans (82 percent) believe bin Laden distorted the teachings of Islam to suit his own purposes, […]

  • Tina

    This is all bla bla bla. ONLY God knows where bin Laden is. All else is worthless talk.

  • Fran

    He is unconscious of anything at all, like most of mankind who are asleep in death in the common grave, commonly referred to as Sheol or Hades, in the Bible. Whether or not anyone is resurrected back to life is determined by and depends upon God, who besides being a God of love and justice, does not torment the wicked in fiery torment forever. Graciously, the ‘lake of fire’ referred to in the Bible is a symbol of eternal destruction but not of eternal torment.

  • Oh my God, Again Bin laden. I become so afraid when hear his name. I don’t know where is his place after death. But I think he must be get punishment by the God because he done a lot of terrorism in this world.

  • Oh my God, Again Bin laden. I become so afraid when hear his name. I don’t know where is his place after death. But I think he must be get punishment by the God because he done a lot of terrorism in this world.
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  • saint_paul

    I’ll just say the obvious. Judge not less ye be judged. Look, even a dishonest actor like Geo.Bush said his enthusiasm for the imam’s death was based on revenge and not hatred. Good for him. The neo-con, former Prez knows that the imam had merely avenged a century of mercantilist-oppression. Which means the Muslim-hating two-thirds are just Marxists. Also, Islam is one of the world’s three, great religions. Have a beautiful day!

  • John

    Hell? I don’t think so. Hell as it is known today is nothing but an invention of the early organized church that during a time where people started to leave the religious slavery needed an instrument of fear to control the superstitious masses. Thus Hell was born. Other Christian splinter groups found the concept working so well they all made it part of they’re individual believe system.
    It is nothing but superstitious nonsense and fraud…as are all the other religious fairy tales.
    Anyone still believing this fiction needs do do some real research and they will find the truth. Of course, 99% of the so called religious people are so blinded and brainwashed they will never have the initiative to get on they’re own and actually start….gasp…to think independently.


  • alice

    The Scriptures speak…God never changes, he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus said, ” I am the Way the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father but by me.” Osama bin Laden definitely did not follow Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Not difficult to understand Jesus if one truly reads the Scriptures of the Bible. Jesus is the One the Father gave the power to send us to heaven or hell. The Cross, the blood of the Lamb of God… Jesus,born without sin, the only Begotten Son of God, was not for nothing. The pagan religions are led by the fallen angel Lucifer, and his fallen angels, beings, aliens or whatever…the same… devils. Secular teachings are also a false religion. choose Jesus or hell. He is the Only way to heaven. Jesus is an offense to pagans or unbelievers everywhere and the NT says this clearly. Religion didn’t teach about hell, The Bible does. ” the Word is God” John 1:1 maybe folks ought to seriously read the Bible themselves instead of being dependents on religion without discernible and critical thinking according to Scriptures and not mere man.

  • Judge not lest ye be judged. The bible says We aré supposed to pray for our enemies. All true believers should know tris

  • This question seems like a proxy for “Do you really believe in Hell?” I think lots of people SAY they believe in Hell, because that’s what their church teaches. But if you don’t think Bin Laden is there, then who is?

  • Fran

    There is no one in hell as “hell”, also known as a place of eternal fiery torment, does not exist. As the Bible so prominently expresses, “from dust you are and to dust you will return,” whether we are meek or wicked. We end up in the common grave, (referenced as Sheol or Hades in the Bible), not conscious of anything at all. How loving is that, from our creator, that we feel nothing, including pain, when we are dead? Appropriately, when someone dies, there is the expression, “rest in peace.” On the other hand, put your hand on a very hot stove for 5 minutes, if you can stand even that. The thought that a loving and just God would torment his own creation, even the wicked, FOREVER, is inconceivable…. that would be something that Satan the Devil, the Father of the lie and enemy of God, would come up with, just as he lied to our original parents, Adam and Eve. Any reference to the ‘lake of fire’ in the Bible is NOT pertaining to a literal place, but just as a literal fire, as in the case of house, denotes complete destruction of that house, it “represents” complete DESTRUCTION, NOT TORMENT, of an individual, with NO chance of resurrection. That person would just be dead or non-existent forever, which proves how just God is. Those persons who follow Satan and his demons until the end of this age or wicked system of things, or even after Satan is let loose from the abyss one last time to test mankind after the end of Jesus’ millenial rule over earth from the heavens will be destroyed forever (and not tormented by fire), including Satan and his demons. Mankind will never experience wickedness again and will live forever on a paradise earth without sickness, old age, disease, DEATH, war, prejudice or hate!! But most loving of all, those asleep in death in the memorial tombs that we have lost who are deserving of a resurrection in God’s eyes, will be brought back to life on that paradise earth through God’s Kingdom, the one that Jesus preached about while on earth and which is a major theme of the Bible!!!! So, everything that was LOST because of our parents’ original sin will be RESTORED to us, we will finally be ‘FREE’ of everything that enslaves us now, and we will FINALLY enjoy the ‘REAL LIFE’ that God meant for us to enjoy since mankind was created.