For many blacks, there’s only one Bible, and it’s the KJV

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(RNS) On Sundays, C. Elizabeth Floyd, shows up for worship at Trinity Baptist Church of Metro Atlanta, with her Bible in hand. But the large, black leather Bible with dog-eared pages and hand-written notes in the margins isn't just any Bible: It's the King James Version. And Floyd, like many African-Americans, wouldn't have it any […]

  • JW1951

    Very nice….all I would like to add is that Gods name be restored to its proper place. Gods name is known and will be published forever. KJV has it written at Psalms 83:18″ Jehovah is the most high God over all the earth. Nearly 7,000 times the Holy Scriptures refer to this name. KJV replaces it most often with the capital letters LORD. So when you see it you will know that Jehovahs name should be written there instead. Removing the Name of God is a liberty that cannot and should not be allowed. The new DKJV restores the Divine Name to its proper place in Scripture.