Evangelicals: Bachmann `speaks our codeâÂ?Â?

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WASHINGTON (RNS) Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour warned several hundred Christian conservatives gathered here last week (June 3-4) not to expect a “perfect candidate” to emerge from the field of Republican presidential contenders. “There’s only been one perfect person that ever walked on this earth,” Barbour said, sounding as much like a preacher as a politician. […]

  • “Speaks our code” says it all. A code of words and twisted views that only the ultra conservative believers understand. It is fine to have a view of life, but to twist it and made “others” the problem and enemy is most unfortunate. It is not needed as far as a Christian witness is concerned. I am sad that a man like Richard Land in his post with Southern Baptists eats this stuff daily. He walks in the train of a great man, Foy Valentine, who could never have seen the depths to which his old office now has. Michelle and Sarah can end up like a certain calico cat engagement. I will try to write so the code-speakers can understand — but they only read their own writings.

  • baber

    “Christian conservatives” may be a quarter of the electorate, but that’s still a minority. In fact they’re still a minority of religious believers in the US and, contrary to what seems to be current popular opinion, still a minority of Christians. They get much more attention than they deserve, which empowers them. And contrary to current popular opionion evangelicalism is not the standard brand of Christianity. They’ve managed to field some politicians that are reasonably educated and articulate and have improved their image but let us face it: evangelical Christianity remains the religion of the lower classes and the rural South. These people are detestable, stupid, illiterate scum.