Court says store discriminated against Muslim

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(RNS) Abercrombie & Fitch violated civil rights law when the clothier refused to hire a Muslim woman because she wears a headscarf, a federal district court has ruled. “We were very excited to hear that the judge made the right decision in finding that Abercrombie & Fitch was wrong when they chose to discriminate against […]

  • Reverseproof

    Abercrombe and Finch were right to do what they did. The court was wrong in getting into private business practices and policies. If I am your boss and am paying your wages and my policy is everyone be clean shaven, you had better be clean shaven.
    You can take this to the bank, if it bends down on its knees and lays its head on a mat, Americans had better believe when you turn your back, you will lose your head. It is written and they ALL believe they will control the world after killing off all the Christions and Jews. It is in their blood, brains, tears and actions. Detroit would be a prime example of what they are all about. Dial 3 for Arabic? Are you kidding me?………………………………….