Chaput will upend convention in the most conventional of cities

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(RNS) The most obvious reason that Pope Benedict XVI sent Archbishop Charles Chaput from Denver to take over the prestigious Archdiocese of Philadelphia was the same one that has shaped almost every major development in American Catholicism over the past decade: the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Chaput replaces Cardinal Justin Rigali, a consummate church insider […]

  • David, Great story! It’s my new goal to use “blunderbuss” in a sentence.

    Naturally, at Priests for Life, we are very excited to have such a vocal champion for life so close to us. I think your prediction that Archbishop Chaput will have to perhaps get along better with the press is interesting. I remember feeling pretty chastised last September at the RNS conference when he spoke his mind about the media, and I wasn’t even a reporter anymore. I thought he was pretty spot-on in a lot of what he said, although perhaps it was the wrong audience, since religion writers do the best job, for the most part, of writing about faith, and faith in action.

    Great detail on the Native American names!

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Why is it the media always picks the negative descriptives for Catholics who have the temerity to call out the media or politicians when they lie, distort, or attack the Catholic Faith. Instead of “assertive” or “combative” the media could just as easily (if they weren’t out to do a little attacking) described Archbishop Chaput positively as::firm, strong, direct,or plain-spoken.