GOP 3-Way

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So according to Rasmussen, the Republican race is now a Romney-Bachmann-Perry 3-way. As it were. That’s Romney 34 percent, Bachmann 27 percent, and Perry 26 percent. Perry is of course still officially undeclared, and at present shouldn’t be counted as much more than the GOP flavor-du-jour. (Remember Gingrich, Cain, Trump?) Still, I’m thinking that nothing would be more fun than a mud-wrestling contest between Bachmann and Perry (did I say that?) for the honor of serving as the unRomney candidate of the Tea Party Parishioners. Interestingly, Perry leads Bachmann among both Tea Party members and evangelicals. And GOP women prefer Romney to both. So it comes down to whether more conservative Republican men want to have a beer with Perry than a date with Bachmann.

  • Not to be cynical. But, if you notice, Bachmann’s got the looks, which cancel out Palen for conservative men. And Perry has the Texas flying arms when he speaks, which cancels out Bachmann. Romney has the insider’s nod, which cancels out Perry. And Romney’s name brand cancels out the rest of them. I, therefore, declare Romney the next Republican pres. nominee..