Study of secularism sees boost on college campuses

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(RNS) Almost every major college and university offers a degree in religious studies. But secularism? Nary a one — until now. Starting this fall, Pitzer College, a small liberal arts school in Southern California, will offer a bachelor’s degree in secular studies. The degree is the first of its kind in the United States, according […]

  • Who cares what job you can get after. What job can you get after getting an English degree. I think the point is that this (newish) golden age of atheism, The New Atheists, Team Atheist and the atheist blogosphere, all the efforts combined…are finally working.

    Personally, I don’t want to end religion, I just want extremist religion out of the public square. I want religion out of politics and schools (esp. the science and history classrooms). This is what we (Team Atheist) call…progress.

    Awesomeness buddies, have a great weekend.


  • Seriously?

    Ok, so can I demand my college have an Anti-Gay Degree? Because I don’t believe in being gay & there are a huge chunk of Americans who aren’t gay. It would only be fair, right? Secular Studies is the study of the rejection of religion in public, and sometimes private, life—both in the U.S. and around the world. Well, if I don’t believe in secularism, can I demand my college have an anti-secularism degree?
    This is ridiculous! If you don’t believe in religion, don’t participate.

  • Seriously?

    **I used the “gay” example to show how absolutely absurd this is, targeting people for something they believe in.