Monday’s Religion News Roundup

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So, Irene was kind of a bust, at least for those of us here in the mid-Atlantic. But BU’s Stephen Prothero makes an interesting point: If modern science allows us to know exactly when and where a hurricane is going to hit, does that diminish our view of God, or at least tame our view […]

  • Cindy

    People died, Kevin, because of Irene. Please don’t call her a “bust.” This was a serious, deadly storm and should be respected for that.

  • “respected” ? One “respects” a climatic condition after the fact?
    We should hold the storm in esteem? Should it be honored?

    Then again perhaps to the religiously deluded who attribute natural conditions to the work of a god, I imagine they want their god’s death dealing destructive chaotic mindless weather creations held in esteem and honored. Yeah, that makes sense now.