GUEST COMMENTARY: Shame on you, Dick Cheney

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(RNS) Dear Vice President Cheney: As one of those Americans who voted for you in two elections, the excerpts from your new book and recent interviews you’ve given remind me of what has caused me the most regret. You sullied the good name of the United States of America around the globe when you authorized […]

  • Jim

    How is it possible, Rev. Cizik, that you voted for that administration twice? I admit I did once, but by the time the second opportunity came around, I knew that President Bush and Vice President Cheney stood for illegal war, illegal imprisonment, illegal surveillance of Americans, and abusive treatment of prisoners.
    Not to mention general incompetence in keeping America safe.
    Now when I hear people like you and Colin Powell show disdain for what Mr. Cheney has to say in his book, I can only say that when you lie down with wolves, you get what you deserve.

  • Paul

    It’s disappointing that the majority of Republicans and of conservative evangelicals condone the American use of torture, according to the polls. Some who don’t like the word torture simply deny that waterboarding is torture. WWJD indeed.

    I also regret my votes for the Bush-Cheney administration. We didn’t know in 2004 how outrageously we were misled into the Iraq War.

  • Jim

    Indeed Paul. When speaking to my son I always ask him if he can ever forgive me for voting for Messrs. Bush and Cheney the first time. We all would do well to maybe remember a couple of quotes from a truly great Christian, Thomas Merton:

    “But all of us, in our very best efforts for peace, find ourselves maneuvered unconsciously into positions where we too can act as war criminals.”

    “How is it that we are now almost ready to permit any outrage, any excess, any horror, on the ground that it is a ‘lesser evil’ and ‘necessary’ to our nation?”

    “Those who think there can be a just cause for (such) measures are in a dangerous illusion, and if they are Christian they are purely arming themselves with hammer and nails, without realizing it, to crucify and deny Christ.”

  • finstwrt

    um so what exactly did you think when this curent administration shot and killed OBL?
    You actually want an inquiry from actions in the past, really?
    And, you would vote for the next person sent up by the Democratic party…sad
    to heck in a handbasket