`Roamin’ Catholics’ wander in search of new church

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CLEVELAND (RNS) They call themselves “Roamin’ Catholics,” traveling from church to church, looking for a new place to worship since Cleveland’s oldest black Catholic church was shut down more than a year ago. Initially, there were nearly 50 of them from St. Adalbert Catholic Church, which closed in June 2010, as part of a diocesewide […]

  • Byzcat

    Another unwholesome fruit of Vatican II. If the Novus Ordo liturgy was scrapped and the Tridentine Liturgy was reinstated everywhere, soon the churches would be full and there wouldn’t be Catholics migrating to the Protestants. They do so now because there is no noticeable difference between a Protestant service and the Novus Ordo liturgy. In fact, why do they stay at all? The Protestants do their liturgy better than the Catholic imitation.

  • I am not a Catholic. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and we are born again by his death, burial and resurection. When any church leader decides what churches should remain open based on statistics whether it is church attendance or cost, that leader has violated Christ’s commission. The Church is not a business where the bottom line is the crieria of operation. I can just see Christ coming to a small congregation on worship day and announcing its closure because there is not enough revenue to jutify keeping it open.

  • Eric

    These people had little to no faith if they stopped going to Mass because their church is closed. Since it was the only “black” church remaining in the diocese and they now feel wronged – it makes me wonder what they are truly thinking. Are these people racists? Why in the world can’t they go to Mass at another Catholic Church and be done with it. As a Catholic I know that in the end I am receiving Jesus at Holy Communion – I could care less how warmly I am received. Are these people pansies? If these people can’t get it through their shallow little heads the real reason to attend Mass because they can’t sit next to a white or Hispanic person then I say who the hell needs them. Racism comes in all colors and lately it seems like it comes from people of color rather than from anywhere else.

  • will

    No Byzcat, most Catholics don’t care about the language of the liturgy and rightly so. How can you possibly think that if we go back to Latin attendance at Mass will skyrocket. In your dreams.
    No Eric, these people are not necessarily racist, but they definitely have a seriously flawed idea of what the Catholic Church is. If you are the only black 0r white or whatever and everyone else in the Church is different so what? You don’t turn your back on God!!!
    No Alice, the Catholic Church isn’t loaded, despite what some anti-Catholic preachers state. However, we need forward thinking bishops who can think outside the box and try to save these little congregations.

  • kim

    I pray for the former members of this parish that they find the unity of their faith in other parishes or that their appeal be met with the response they favor. I pray those turning their back in pain over the decision find their way back home in the faith … This is so sad but I am so thankful a community of Roaming Romans are going about and remaining in community. I urge those in the group praying reach out to their brothers and sisters who have walked away and invite them to reconsider…I come from a Missionary state where some towns did not have Mass so one had to travel far to get to a church. I went down to Mission in Mexico where some of the faithful only had holy Mass once a month….Don’t give up on your practice…Prayers for your entire community. In Christ’s Peace.

  • Katherine

    The big difference in the Catholic Church today is people do not recognize the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. If they realized they were attending the most royal banquet they could ever be invited too they would dress and act differently. If they knew that our true Savior and King would be their in person and we can receive Him as our food for this journey, they would prepare their heart, soul and body accordingly. They would drive anywhere and any distance as well as stand in line to come see Him. It is Jesus Christ we come to worship and receive not the individual priest, choir, building or friends. No matter what happens around us we must not let any person, place or thing stop us from going to the Church Jesus gave us to worship and receive Him. Jesus let nothing stop Him from saving us and we owe Him the same.




  • Eric

    Excuse me “Will” maybe you should re-read my entire comment before doing a drive by. People shouldn’t care about who is in the congregation with them – but apparently some of these people do. Use your head man. The Mass is about Jesus. If these people can’t get that straight and have their panties all in a bunch because they don’t feel that they are being welcomed warmly then that says a hell of a lot about them right there. They apparently think it’s all about them. It’s not. It’s not about me, it’s not about you Will, IT’S ABOUT JESUS – PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I’m sick of this “victim” mentality. People have to get a clue and remember that we are all in this together – no matter what color you are or how “warmly” you feel that you are greeted. For Pete’s sake people grow up!

    Unfortunately, I just moved to Chicago and so many of the priests out here are abhorrent and many of the parishioners I have met are so superficial it’s spilling out of their ears and I am at a total loss as to how the Catholic Church even exists out here any longer – the liberalism has rotted it away to nearly nothing. Most of the devout Catholics I have met out here say the same thing so I don’t think I am going out on a limb here. WITH ALL THAT SAID I STILL BITE MY TONGUE AND GO TO MASS BECAUSE YOU DON’T LEAVE JESUS BECAUSE OF JUDAS.

  • will


    I think you are trying to do your best but when you say things like “Racism comes in all colors and lately it seems like it comes from people of color rather than from anywhere else.” and “their shallow little heads” and “have their panties all in a bunch,” well it just turns me off. I know lots of people of color and if i had to estimate I would say the percentage of good people among them is higher than among the whites I know. And I am white. For the most part they are led astray and have never been exposed to the true Church. That said, I agree with you about the quality of the priests — they are giving sermons that would fit the 1950s but not today. In our age we are confronted with abortion, assisted-suicide, allowing embryros to come into existance only to kill them, etc, etc. The priests should be talking about that! Not some general rehashing of the gospel that was just read. Still, the Catholic Church is all we have, every other religious group is riddled with errors. The Church’s 2,000 year old doctrines have never changed. Even the very worse popes have never tried to recind the basic teaching of Christ through his Church.

  • What an interesting title, 🙂

    It’s kind of sad for such a church to be ‘downsized’ they have to get a nearby Parish to settle with for now.

  • S.P. Libera

    Integrate to Elevate

  • Farkel44

    You are living the Great Apostasy. You know the final chapter of the story…it has to be this way. The next pope will throw gasoline on the fire.