Should Mel Gibson really be making a movie about Jews?

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(RNS) After combating claims of anti-Semitism for years, actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson is slated to bring the story of Judah Maccabee, the Jewish military hero whose decisive victory was the inspiration for Hanukkah, to the big screen. News that Gibson is producing the film has drawn the predictable ire of Jewish leaders who criticized […]

  • Josh

    I like how you changed the picture. LOL! We don’t want to appear biased, now do we? :-p

  • David

    My main concern with Mel Gibson is that he always splatters the screen with so much blood and gore! The horrific flogging scene in the Passion of Christ was over the top! Will he try to outdo that in Judah Maccabee? If all you do is recreate violence such as his Patriot movie, other important historical aspects get overlooked.

  • John Conklin

    Rabbi Kula gets it… This could be a powerful film that could promote healing between Jews and Mel, which could be a lesson of forgiveness for all. I don’t believe Mel is anti anyone. He just said stupid things, as we all have done. The ADL and Foxman are surprisingly full of hatred, which is really an eye opener. I believe this could be a great film , and Mel always strives for authenticity in his work, so I’m sure Jewish historians will be consulted throughout. As I said, Rabbi Kula gets it…

  • John Conklin

    In regards to Gibson’s use of blood and Gore – he actually was mild in parts of “Braveheart”. In reality, William Wallace was castrated, mutilated and dragged through the streets – Gibson chose not to go too gory and show this. Biblical accounts say Jesus was viciously whipped and beaten – he wants authenticity…

  • Zeidi

    Mel Gibson should not be allowed to get near a camera or microphone or a writing instrument to spout off about things he has no knowledge of. He obviously has no religious knowledge or beliefs at all.

  • The Dean

    I love Mel Gibson for his passion. Of course that has led to wrong kinds of outbursts. Sit in your nursing home if you don’t like that. Life happens. And as for who is the most intolerant of other people’s religions, and who has a supremacist view of themselves–look at the Jews. I have grown up as a Christian and I have heard very few negative comments about Jews or Judaism in my circles, but virtually every time a Jewish movie or television producer or televison or newspaper commentator speaks, there are constant subtle digs at Christ, and at Christians. I’m very tired of it, and I think Mel has been a big victim of this himself and one night when he was drunk he let it out, but there was an element of truth in what he said. For serious academics on the negative side of the influence of Jews on modern history read Scott MacDonald’s “trilogy” of four books beginning with THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE. 300+ pages.