Do atheists have a sexism problem?

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(RNS) Rebecca Watson meant it as a funny story, almost an aside. In a video blog, the popular skeptic blogger recalled a man following her into an empty elevator and inviting her up to his room after she spoke about feminism at a European atheist conference last June. “Guys,” she said with a bit of […]

  • I think if something good is to come out of ‘elevatorgate’ it’s that the issue was addressed within the atheist blogopshere and community. Not too bad for a loose knit group of people that are not even a group (as opposed to organized religion). Generally speaking, atheists are skeptics, skeptics are feminists and feminists are prog-lib. not only did the ladies speak up, but feminist bro-dudes like myself addressed it. There is sexism in any ‘group’, the difference with us is that we do not have ‘authorities’ telling us that the women folk were created second, thus relegated to second class status for eternity. I’m sure most if not all ‘atheist leaders’ (what ever that is) support equality and fairness for women.

    Awesome article peeps, thanks,


    BTW Great list of atheist ladies. Just saw Greta speak and she, as the cool kids say, ‘killed it.’ Thanks again.

  • aldo

    Well this is all going to change when Jesus establishes one king one religion one empire very soon, and those who survide Armageddon better get used to it unless they don’t want to kiss his feet.
    It’s not whether you believe it or not. These are facts soon to happen.