Tuesday Godbytes

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The By Way of Beauty blog explores the spirituality of Paul Simon, calling his new album – which Boomers everywhere will soon be rocking out to during morning commutes – his “most spiritual” yet. Turns out he even did some spiritual “sampling” on the album, just like they do in the music those crazy teenagers […]

  • “… Daniel Suelo, a man who has lived without money – and made the rest of us look bad – for eleven years now:…”

    I’m sorry…what??? Dumpster diving, jobless, bumming around and living like a parasite, contributing nothing to society and he’s making “…the rest of us look bad”? And this is suppose to be something people should strive toward, emulate?

    if this guy makes you look bad, you must be one sorry individual.

    Look, as a theist one can expect you to espouse meaningless platitudes, but come on …

  • Thanks for the shoutout to the blog – come back and visit soon!