Judaism without God? Yes, say American atheists

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BERKELEY, Calif. (RNS) For an atheist, Maxim Schrogin talks about God a lot. Over lunch at a Jewish deli, he ponders the impulse to believe — does it come from within or without? Why does God permit suffering? Finally, he pulls out a flowchart he made showing degrees of belief, which ranges from unquestioning faith […]

  • John

    The biggest problem with the atheist is/is not God, BUT THAT HE IS NOT GOD. Such is the anger, jealousy and disillusion , expecially of this attending Jew.

  • In one of his debate with Wolpe, Christopher “Our Hero” Hitchens said that Jewish peeps are more inclined to atheism than other religions. I agree. They way that they approach religion is quite admirable…and the girls are always super cute. Awesome article buddy. Thanks.


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