Catholic official blames Satan for homosexuality

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The Boston Pilot, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston, issued a retraction and apology on Wednesday for a column that blamed the devil for homosexuality. The column was written by Daniel Avila, a Washington, D.C., lawyer, who is also a policy advisor for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Subcommittee for the Promotion […]

  • Nancy D.

    The Catholic Church recognizes a same- sex sexual inclination to be disorder, and because they recognize that a same- sex sexual inclination is a disorder, those who suffer with this inclination are not fully responsible. It is out of Love and respect for all human individuals, who, from the moment of their Conception, have been created equal in dignity while being complementary as male and female, that The Catholic Church teaches we must never condone homosexual sexual acts or any sexual act that demeans the inherent dignity of the human person.

  • “Created equal in dignity” (logically by God, since the Devil cannot create, be definition) yet according to the Church created sick (where’s your loving deity in this?).

    “we must never condone” – by this logic, the Catholic Church should have dissolved itself of shame and remorse centuries ago, considering all the evil done in the name of God over the centuries.

  • Nancy D.

    A sexual inclination, like any inclination, is not a person, it is an inclination. No doubt, we should always discriminate between appropriate inclinations to engage in behavior that is respectful of the inherent dignity of the human person and inappropriate inclinations to engage in behavior that demeans our inherent dignity as human persons and is thus not grounded in authentic Love.

  • Dcn Habey Santiago

    Since when does a policy adviser to a subcommittee of the USCCB become a “Catholic Official” like your title expresses??? Tsk, TSk your prejudices are showing.

  • Roger Stigliano

    So sad that Avila can’t acknowledge the fundamentally unknowable nature of this universe. Instead, he posits two supernatural beings to provide him with a sense of order. He corrupts both his science and his ethics with this medieval sophistry.

  • Memeplex Demands Propagation

    The obsession with women and their reproductive capacities is all about producing new vulnerable minds to infect with the malignant memeplexes of religion. The horrors of gay sex and marriage are similarly related: no progeny means no babies. The memeplexes have no validity in real life so they survive only by using threats, promises and always seeking propagation.

    See: TED 2008: Humans Are Just Machines for Propagating Memes, Susan Blackmore Says

    Solution: Be less “tolerant” of religion: it’s dangerous nonsense. Support civil and human rights for all. Actively confront the propagation methods such as interference with reproductive control. Demand loss of tax benefits for engaging in political activity. No one-sided Bible “education” in public schools; only elective well-rounded classes about all the world’s religions should be tolerated.

  • Hilary Maitlen

    I never cease to be appalled when Catholics believe they can pick and choose what they want to believe about what the Catholic Church teaches.
    Why be Catholic if you do not believe in the Church’s teachings? The Catholic Church has always believed the act of homosexuality to be evil, but that’s not to say that homosexual people are evil in themselves. Mr. Avila, thank you so much for staying true to the faith. The fact that this had to be rescinded shows how pervasive evil is in the world.
    On another note, I don’t understand how a solution to any problem could be to “be less tolerant of religion” and “it’s dangerous nonsense.” And I don’t know why anyone would argue against “one-sided Bible education in public schools;” it doesn’t exist in the first place because people have fought against it so much. In went to a public school for high school, and the only time I learned about religion was in my world history class when we talked about all the major religions of the world in a very non-biased way. How come everyone else in the world gets to speak their peace except Christians? Christians do, by the way, fight for civil and human rights- the rights we need, not the rights we want.
    Mr. Avila, I am so sorry this has personally affected you and caused you have been subjected to personal attack. Thank you for being a light to a world that is so dark.