After Miss. defeat, what’s next for ‘Personhood’?

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WASHINGTON (RNS) The failure of the “personhood” initiative in Mississippi on Tuesday (Nov. 8) intensified what appears to be a growing divide in the anti-abortion movement. Some backers of the initiative, which aimed to make abortion illegal by defining a fetus as a person from the moment of conception, are pointing fingers at major anti-abortion […]

  • Alecto

    I smell a rat, a big, fat Catholic rat! The Alabama diocese has the time and resources to file suit against an immigration law which protects that state’s citizens and taxpayers, but the Mississippi diocese can’t muster 5 minutes to pitch a personhood bill? Were they too busy attending socialist justice seminars? Were they consulting with George Soros on more taxpayer funded social programs? And they wonder why their churches continue to empty? Abortion is the seminal human rights issue of our age and the Catholic Church is nowhere to be found on this important and closely watched referendum? Never have so many cowardly, misguided, corrupt, useful idiots existed as in the Catholic clergy!