Monday’s Religion News Roundup

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After a week of enduring comparisons to the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal, Penn State played a football game on Saturday. In a remarkable pregame moment, many of the players and coaches kneeled in prayer. (Photo at left courtesy of the Harrisburg Patriot-News.) Speaking of supplication, Herman Cain says he “prayed and prayed and prayed” […]

  • All this show praying at the Penn State game, yet no one ever says exactly what they are praying for.

    Obviously it’s a tad late to ask their god to protect children from their pervert coaches… besides, why would it have to be asked anyway?

    Maybe they are praying for their football scholarships to be continued unaffected by the scandal.

    Praying… soothing ones conscience while doing absolutly nothing in reality.

    I wonder, what would jesus say about all that public praying..oh wait, he said not to. Oh well, who listens to him anyway?

  • “…that makes four GOP candidates (Perry, Santorum, Bachmann and Cain) who believe they have a divine mandate run for president, and two who have compared themselves to Moses.”

    Of course, here’s what’s happening.

    Their god is actually a Dem, and he is telling each of them that they are his chosen candidate. The divine game is obvious: feed their Moses / saviour complex by telling he craziest religious nutters they are chosen in order to confuse and confound their equally crazy religious constituents. Result: Obama four more years.

    That God, what a character.

  • Daniel Burke


    The video linked to above has the prayer in full, if you’re interested in exactly what they are praying for.

    The Management

  • Thanks. But it would have been better had I not subsequently investigated.

    “Manly Christianity” . Setting an example for youth for Christian manhood, as though somehow the molested boys are or should be feeling less than manly, and need the example of atheletes to bring them around. How wonderful. What an obscene absurdity.

    The “preacher” is a documented homophobe. That he was selected to lead this show speaks volumes as to how little Xtianity has progressed, and the damage it does to the mind.

    What’s that verse about praying in private and not publicly like the hypocrites?