Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Episcopal abuse, Steven Spielberg, Prop 8

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In a reminder that bad decisions on abusers aren’t limited to the Catholic Church or Penn State, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said she ordained a former monk as an Episcopal priest even though he was booted from the abbey for improper contact with a minor. KJS says the Rev. Bede Parry seemed to […]

  • $57.5 million for a new church. The Catholic church seems to have deep pockets in spite of all the legal woes and settlements for sexual misconduct over the years.

    But I wonder, if there was a jesus, WWJS about that sum of money being spent on a building ostensibly in which to worship him? Would he dismiss it, brush it off as irrelevant since the poor will always be with us? Would he be honored, his ego fed by such extravagance? Or would he condemn such a waste as a complete misunderstanding of what his ministry stood and should stand for?

    $57.5 million could fed a lot of hungry people; could do alot for medical research; it could create some serious agrigutural enhancements or pure water plants; and it could buy a massive amount of condoms in 3rd world countries where children are dying of AIDS by the 10’s of thousands. Oh wait… the last is of no import to the Church… sorry.

    Ah…but let not your heart be troubled, Catholics. While pondering this not so mysterious dilemma you’ll stay cool in the airconditioned confines of the Crystal Monstrosity.