Atheists launch campaign to get unbelievers to `come out’

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(RNS) The young man in the video pulls in close to his computer camera with the trappings of a typical college dorm room — a loft bed and the clutter of cast-off clothes — piled behind him. Alex Fiorentini isn’t talking about girls, beer or football. Instead, it’s a coming-out moment of sorts. “Is it […]

  • The problem for atheists is defining their morality. They benefit in their moral perceptions largely from the latent Judeo-Christian society they are brought up in. But what would the moral landscape look like under an atheist rubric? Not as attractive, I wager, as a Judeo-Christian one.

  • David Funk

    Morality does not need to come from books. Understanding yourself can lead you to a morality without slavery or false dichotomy(hell/heaven/afterlife), without love of ignorance and hatred of truth. Morality improves DESPITE religion, not due to it. The more humanity comes to understand itself the better it will treat itself as a whole.

  • Steinmaster

    I’m glad they are coming out. A few years ago, a guy tried to set me up as a fall guy for a mistake at work but got caught.

    I got out of it, and found out later he was an atheist.

    If I had known, I would habe been on guard against this guy.

  • I would also watch out for you Steinmaster, as you have come out as a bigot. Do you really think someone being an atheist makes them more likely to be a backstabber?

    And yay for We Are Atheism!

  • Ray

    If, as “atheists” believe, but cannot prove, there is no God . . .

    What, then, is “We are Atheism”??? Much ado about nothing???

  • Ray, We are Atheism is a website to help young or older atheists help come out and confess that they`re atheist to their loved ones and others, and to encurage others to stand up and say, “im an atheist and im proud” it does nothing but help, and its helped a lot of people. and just to say it, we have proven that there is no god, look up some videos you will see

  • PCW

    WOW this is by far the sadest webpage I have ever seen I don’t know how yall live with out knowing the reality of God with out him there is nothing….. I feel for yall and pray for you that one day your eyes will be opend to someting so much better than this world could ever offer you

  • Joshua F.

    please dont pray for us its not going to do anything and never will(no offense dude)

  • auhrasja

    Morality? Any idiot can tell you that morality doesn’t come from the Bible. Introductory ethics class can tell you that.

    Great article. Here in northern Europe we have known this for a long time..

  • Seth

    As an Atheist who lives in the Bible Belt, I have questioned the beliefs and morality of Christianity for a long time, I have studied Christianity and Science, I have figured that Science has proof Christianity has none but the Bible and blind faith.
    “What can be accepted without proof can be dismissed without proof” Christopher Hitchens.
    Also, no offense to Theists I just do not believe your beliefs and do not pray for me as that really makes no difference to me.