Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Thanksgiving, religious lobbying, ugly churches

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Thanksgiving plans got you stressed out? The Rev. James Martin has some advice for dealing with turkeys – of the human persuasion. The antidote, says Father Martin, is laughter. J.J. Goldberg of The Forward says Thanksgiving is not a time to celebrate if others are getting rich at our expense. Give thanks to God, “when […]

  • “Michele Bachmann sat down with CT and said waterboarding doesn’t injure people, she had no problem with the anti-Catholic doctrine of her former Lutheran church,…”

    I’m amazed at how readily and easily Christians endorse torture and capital punishment, and how they justify their intolerance of other religions and even other Christian sects.

    But given that the Bible is so absurdly composed and so contradictory that it has been and can be used to support any hideous act of incivility, I am unsurprised. I wonder though, how do Xtians figure Jesus would condone these things … and could they come up with those explanations with a straight face?