Churches help Occupy movement survive crackdowns, winter

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WASHINGTON (RNS) As Occupy camps nationwide deal with police crackdowns and the inevitable onset of winter temperatures, religious communities of all stripes are stepping in with offers of shelter and solidarity. Soon after police forcibly evicted the original Occupy Wall Street camp in New York’s Zuccotti Park on Nov. 15, many of the protesters began […]

  • Sabelotodo

    I’m so happy to see that the churches have opened their doors and hearts to “the oppressed” in their midst–these wealthy trust-funders and other assorted hanger-on who desperately need some kind of mission for their lives. D’ya suppose they’ll find it at church??

    The trust funders don’t even realize that the Wall Street they’re protesting, houses the very guardians and guarantors of their fund’s value, and fund managers’ demands for constantly rising asset growth, puts pressure on today’s CEOs to produce ever-higher short-term results! Greed, you say? “Yes, Virginia, we’re all connected . . . to what happens on Wall Street!”

    It’s a pity the church folks aren’t smarter and more discerning here. They should wade into the crowds with hand-outs of information regarding places in the community needing volunteers. What horrendous time and talent is getting wasted by these folks who just need to rail against something big and don’t have a clear message or solution to anything. They joined up with this movement out of a narcissistic, meglomaniacial sense that they’re “making history.”

    The 99% of us are working, paying taxes, volunteering and supporting our communities. The 1% here, are whining that it’s not fair–life is hard, and they’re entitled to a life of guaranteed ease and abundance because everyone has told them they’re just so darn Special!


  • Houston37

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