Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Holiday tree; mini Stonehenge; Christmas weapons

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As bitter winter advances, religious communities from Portland to New York are opening their doors to Occupy protesters. How many “Christmas among the Occupiers” stories do you think we’ll see this year? Christmas, by the way, is on a Sunday this year. The vast majority of churches (91 percent) plan to hold some sort of […]

  • “It’s so small, in fact, that it brings to mind Spinal Tap’s hilariously tiny Stonehenge stage prop.”

    Really? That’s your commentary on the piece? The same one that was edited from its original version because it just couldn’t help itself in mocking modern Pagan religions? The one that got dinged by Time’s Battleland Blog for its mockery of inclusion?

    I truly expect better from the RNS. Here’s the Air Force Academy actually doing something positive, reaching out to accommodate nature religions, and we get Spinal Tap jokes from the premiere religion journalism outlet.

  • Daniel Burke

    Thanks for your comment, Jason.

    I have no problem with the AFA creating a space for nature religions. I just think the worship center, judging from the LAT picture, is a little small, especially since the reporter compared it to the monumental Stonehenge.

    It was not my intention – at all – to mock Pagans or their worship sites. I’m truly sorry if you feel that I did. By the way, I’ve written about the AFA’s site before.