TuesdayâÂ?Â?s Religion Roundup: The real St. Nick, defending Newt, awkward Bachmann

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Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas! Or that “jolly old elf,” as we’ve come to know him. Though in fact – as this recent facial reconstruction from his 1,600-year-old-skull shows – he was a tough, olive-skinned battler for Christian orthodoxy back in Asia Minor, or what we know today as Turkey. And, yes, he was born […]

  • “It’s easy to make fun of Mormons – too easy, argues Max Mueller. “Why is Mormonism different?” he asks.”

    Oh wow… where to begin? Ah, been there done that so many times I don’t have the inspiration to explain why Mormonism deserves an extra helping of ridicule.

    To be totally fair, all religions especially those that proselytize, reject science, impede social equality, and/or promote theocracy all deserve ridicule equally, frequently and consistantly.