Friday Godbytes: Perry’s “strong” dislikes; OWS wedding; handbell Hallelujah

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So some of you might have heard that Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry released a new ad entitled “Strong.” The spot showcases Perry announcing he’s “not afraid” to say he’s a Christian, and decrying the fact that gays can now serve openly in the U.S. military. The commercial was seemingly an attempt to win over […]

  • William B.

    America’s demise is a byproduct of poor education, and Rick Perry epitomizes it. Perhaps the Fundies might be better served having their children read books other than the Bible?

    When illiteracy masquerades as culture we all suffer, and this gentleman’s attempt to rationalize his own ignorance as an expression of a different set of values, and indeed values that are desirable, threatens our nation and indeed the whole of humanity.

    This man is not intelligent enough to be considered for the office he seeks.

    Hang it up, Rick… you’re just not cutting it.

  • William,
    That you are able to express the unfortunate reality of Perry, and the effect of fundamentalist religiosity on the under educated mind in such an articulate manner, and without spittle flying from your lips, is a credit to your civility. Kudos.

    Frankly I find it difficult to discuss the issue with out eventually expressing the desire to smash Perry in the nuts with a lug wrench.