Atheists aim to change image of penny-pinching Scrooges

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(RNS) If Dec. 10 had been an average day for Doctors Without Borders, the Swiss charity that sends medical help into crisis areas, its website would have logged 4,000 hits. Instead, it was bombarded with more than 10 times that amount as atheists from the user-driven news site participated in a fundraiser that has […]

  • Denis

    Whats interesting about this story is that these people want to make everyone know who they are and what they are doing…………
    It’s so sad when people do things in the name of self promotion and as Richard Dawkins stated “Now the Religious zealots cannot claim to be the only ones helping the poor” So now, why are these groups doing this? For who are they seeking that pat on the back from? Why do this if your goal is so you can debate others who have been doing this for hundreds of years? It’s nice to see people come together no matter what their beleifs are when it involves helping those who need it but when you find out that the motive and drive of some of them to include those in the religious world are nothing more than a “look at what I’m doing” you indeed have your reward already. Funny how it took some of the worst disasters in human history to get people to do anything that involved helping other at the cost of thier own free time. IT still will never remove the fact however that the desire to help the needy and to love your fellow man as yourself is a God given emotion and the fact that we are reading this story proves exactly that. Those who claim to follow the Lord do not care who knows about what they are doing. They could care less if they are in the media or on the cover of the latest magazine and as a matter of fact, many don’t want the attention. The fact that many people like myself who when we do give, make sure that we give in such a way where there is no way for anyone to be able to point us out and say “Hey look what so and so gave” As the Bible says, let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing for if you receive your reward from man then you have already gotten your gift. Being selfless, humble, full of mercy and grace etc….. these qualities only come from God, not man no matter how many soup itchens you work at, no matter how many schools and homes you build with your own money. Without true love, it is all in vanity.