Mormons are Christians

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According to Gallup, anyway. In its annual survey of Americans’ religious preferences, the eminent polling firm 1) declares that 78 percent of Americans “identify with some form of Christian religion”; and 2) breaks out Mormons as a separate category. Add up the numbers for Protestant/Other Christian, Catholic, and Mormon and you get…78 percent.

Gallup religion 2011.gifI expect this hasn’t escaped their notice in Salt Lake. It will be interesting to see if there is any squawking from Protestant/Other Christian or Catholic quarters.

  • raedyohed

    To avoid ambiguity/controversy you ought to have reported the results as “78 percent of Americans self-identify as subscribing to some form of Christian religion”. Easy peasy. Survey-writing 101 guys, come on.

  • Mark Silk

    What do you mean “you,” kemo sabe? To say “as subscribing to some form of Christian religion” doesn’t avoid ambiguity/controversy. If someone self-identifies as “Mormon,” whose judgment is it exactly that that is “some form of Christian religion”? Strictly speaking, Gallup would need to say, “…as subscribing to a religion they consider to be Christian.”