Mitt Romney’s evangelical problem starts with theology

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(RNS) The good news for Mitt Romney: he won the Iowa caucuses. The bad news for Romney: evangelicals remain reluctant to support him. Romney bested former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum by a mere eight votes in Tuesday's (Jan. 3) first-in-the-nation voting. But just 14 percent of evangelicals supported the former Massachusetts governor, according to entrance […]

  • I think Mitt Romney should be the next President of the USA. He is an american and he looks like an american. And America deserves a real american President. This on the political side. On the religious side I don’t think that even Mitt believes all the stupid fantasies contained in mormonism. The ideal situation then should be this: Once Romney is in the White House, american citizens can raise funds to purchase the Summa Theologica written by Saint Thomas Aquinas and give it as a gift to the new President so that he may straighten out his thinking twisted by moronic religious fantasies.

  • Don

    I was a Mormon and left them on my own due to the silliness and mind games hey push. Contrary to what they say, even tho they use the same words deliberately, they do not believe in the same Christ you do. Theirs is a polygamous entity with so many wives that the number is countless! They teach that Christ and Satan are brothers, and you can become a God…just like THE God.
    They are stepping away from their traditional beliefs and trying to look more mainstream for the growth. They are not the sheep clothing you see, but the wolf under it. Yes, they are a cult. There is so much they never tell you when they disturb your dinner by knocking on the door.

    Don, Las Vegas

  • Dear Don. Thank you for your inside information. Mormonism is so silly I don’t think Romney believes in it. He just goes along por political convenience. No human being can be so irrational as to believe all that mormon bull****. But if indeed Romney is so stupid as to really believe in it, then, thanks to you Don, I’m casting my vote for Ron Paul as President (or for anybody else as long it is not Burrak Aboma).

  • Don Strevel

    Don’t be deluded even for one split second. He believes 100% in it. The baptism for the dead, the theological issues that are nowhere near Christian…he believes every word of it and a lot that you will never hear of on the outside. You never hear about the polygamy in the next life, but it is taught openly inside the private Mormon circles. He has been brainwashed into believing in it, and the more that you show him that Joseph Smith gave conflicting versions of his First Vision the more he sticks to this beliefs. It is a cult. Believe me, he 100% believes in it. He was a Mormon Bishop and a Stake President I believe. He was in leadership positions within their cult.

    There is so much that they believe that I don’t even want to go into it here. Its weird and not from the Bible. Thank God (humbly, literally) that I left them.

    Yup, he believes in it 100%.

    Don / Las Vegas

  • Thank you, Don, for your inside information. I do believe what you just told me is true. Romney, therefore, is a sick man… very sick in the mind. Definitely the USA does not need someone in the Presidency who has holes that size in his brain. I’m voting for Ron Paul or anybody else except Burrak Aboma. Once again, thanks Don.