Pope Benedict XVI’s cardinals: More Roman, less ‘catholic’

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(RNS) For Americans who take note of the pomp and circumstance — and politics — at the Vatican, the big news on Friday (Jan. 6) was that Pope Benedict XVI had included New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, and former Baltimore Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, among the 22 churchmen that he will install as cardinals at a […]

  • Jon

    If the heretics at “The Tablet” of London are upset about these appointments, the Pope did a good thing.

  • CLM

    In terms of getting insight, I think you could have done better than talking to correspondents from “The Tablet” (UK) and “The National Catholic Reporter” (US), two of the most liberal, dissenting and whiny “catholic” periodicals on the planet.

  • Patrick

    First of all the current pope is German(ya)and the previous pope was Polish, both were elected with a large Italian(Roman) contingent. Did they want PoPe B to pick lots of messed up American bishops. The best thing to come out of the scandles is push out all of the bad apples, and certainly not to elevate any to Cardinal. The churches seat is in Rome, St Peter can back us up on this…we’re Roman and we’re Catholic(I think we say that every week don’t we?) The church doesn’t need to move or progress…the Spirit moves and we obey, if anything we are going to get back to basics. “My ways are not your ways”….More of us on our knees will change the world,especially Cardinals. We may not be humbled yet, and many of us still have trouble with the first step to “wisdom”…. The church in America is in crisis…the priests marriage to the church is broken, much like the marriages in this country…but they cannot stay broken, we all have to be reconciled. We can be, but are we too preoccupied with our
    pride. That’s ok, Jesus gave us a model….turn the other cheek, and love your enemies. Yes some of our local Parishes are at emnity with the church. It’s a shame : <