Monday Godbytes: Tebow’s tweets; America, the Religious; Hipster Hinduism

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As many of you sports fans (or people who know sports fans, or people from Denver, or really anyone who watched the news yesterday) undoubtedly already know, the Denver Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers last night in overtime, sending the Broncos to a playoff game and reestablishing the credibility of Bronco quarterback and very public […]

  • I realize that the vast majority of Xtians have never read the bible, and that those who have often pay it little mind when it doesn’t support their agenda (or their epicurian tastes), or when Jesus is purported to have said it and not Paul.

    But one would think this worship of an 8 win 8 loss mediocre qtr back, as though he was another plaster Virgin Mary, or the second cumming of Christ, would at least cause them pause vis-a-vis idol worship.

    But then I suppose the media, this blog included, just can’t get enough of a religious showboater – what Jesus referred to as “hypocrite” (Matthew6:5). Any wonder why America the laughing stock of the rest of the Western world?