Study portrays Mormons as outsiders looking in

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(RNS) In some ways, Mormonism is the ultimate American religion. Born in America, it was unveiled by an American prophet who believed God inspired the Constitution and the Garden of Eden bloomed in Independence, Mo. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has grown from six members gathered around a charismatic New Yorker named […]

  • Alejandro

    “More than 8 in 10 say they pray daily; three-quarters attend weekly religious services; and 82 percent say religion is very important in their lives. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses approach Mormons’ religiosity, Smith said.”

    It’s amazing how these groups, with their very heterodox beliefs, are so devout while so many Catholics, who have the “fullness of faith” and Protestants who are “born-again” are so lukewarm in their devotion. This is especially true for Catholics. No wonder they gain so many converts. People who become Mormons or JW’s seem to do it not so much out of theology but because of the love and devotion that these people show. Catholics and Evangelicals can learn a lot from them! (Especially Catholics).

  • AlHubb

    After my Dad died in 1972 my Mom was approached by some members of the local Mormom church about teaching the young women about sewing and canning-two of Mom’s favorite activities. Soon she joined the church, not really out of faith but a sense of belonging. She said she was influenced by a friend of her father-in-law who was a Mormon-an upstanding person well-liked by nearly everyone. With 14 children, 13 of whom survied to adulthood, we were always “accused” of being either Mormon or Catholic. In truth, there were 2 Baptists, 1 Catholic (me), a Methodist, a Presbyterian, a Lutheran and the rest professed no religion. Mom tried to connect to the local Catholic church but was basically rejected by the priest because she didn’t profess to join the church first, then teach. Ah, well, the Catholics lost a great teacher and the Mormons gained one.