Bodily desecration is disturbing — but why?

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(RNS) Desecrating enemy dead is not always a vengeful impulse, and in some cultures even has a religious component. At the same time, disgust at the desecration of the dead is not always a simple case of demanding respect for a fallen human being, but also carries religious implications, and even one's journey in the afterlife. By Omar Sacirbey. 850. With photo.

  • flylow95

    In my view cremation is total desecration. As oposed to the Jewish way of buring a body in a bottomless casket to let the earth worms do the job God made them for. That’s a God thing. Cremation is a man thing. And then there is the barbaric practice in christendom of relics!!!! GEZ Louize, please don’t take bits and pieces of my dead wife and put them on your mantle or carry a piece of her shin bone around in a cute little jar!! Let her rest in peace until the 2nd Comming when she will be back to her beautiful self.

  • DanOfBham

    Interesting story. I’d like to point out that I was disturbed, disappointed, and disgusted by what the Marines did in this case, and I’m not religious at all. It’s a common human decency thing.

  • didutz

    I can’t believe that this kind of events are still happening nowadays and I just hope that they will make in some way a difference in this situation and it will be better in the near future.
    Aer Conditionat