• bd90

    How do you know if a politician is lying? He is talking . . . yes it is an old one but o so true with BHO.

  • flylow95

    I’m sooooo disappointed to hear any catholic feels betrayed by Obama because Obama’s record of lies and evil views and accomplishments are more widely publicised than Satan’s. I wish the article read, What else did you expect from the right hand man of the devil.

    Inviting the opposition to The White House is a #1 trick of a President. It plays on your PRIDE in hopes to seduce you to the president’s agenda.

  • raymondjsuda

    To begin, I agree with the previous comments. Turning the other cheek is a principle that I believe true. That doesn’t mean that we must all learn to be like Linda Blair. The time has come to take a stand and profess to your flock what we as Catholics believe. If you don’t, someday you will be looked on as Boenhoffer was in Germany. He was right about identyfying evil but couldn’t rally the people to fight the evil off. Strong language is needed to teach your flock about the secular leadership that is trying to change our Judeo/Christian culture forever. Life is a transformative issue, if we can’t make our point on this black and white issue, how, can you ever expect to traverse the difficult issues of faith.

  • scavokwj

    Obama…is…Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello! Is it not true?? If you haven’t seen the play, go see it.

    Wikipedia (sorry!) puts it this way:

    Iago is “a villain. He hides his real nature under the veil of ‘honesty’…it is Iago who manipulates all other characters at will, controlling their movements and trapping them in an intricate net of lies. He achieves this by getting close to all characters and playing on their weaknesses while they refer to him as ‘honest’ Iago, thus furthering his control over the characters.”

    Poor Archbishop Dolan is smarting because he, too, was tricked!

  • HCSKnight

    Really, the Bishop feels betrayed.

    Seriously, Bishop Dolan is either an idiot or a liar.

  • johnadamsxii

    These government actions, despite being immoral, will result in driving the churches out of social services. The problem with that is the churches provide most of the social services in this country. How many hospitals in your town have Baptist or Saint in the name? Who in your town is running the homeless shelter? Prison ministries and at least in the past, adoption services.

  • mparks

    hahahahahahahahahaha! That is such a funny story. What rubes our bishops must be! How gullible and naive! They can be conned by the flimsiest of hucksters that everyone else is on to, it appears!

  • c505ber

    Well Cardinal Dolan this is what we the “church” said to you when the USCCCB chose to lie down with the government dogs and support their proposal for universal healthcare. We screamed and pleaded for you to not start down that slippery slope. Now you are outraged when the government doesn’t believe in the same things we Catholics do? Well Happy Birthday. When have they ever. You were warned this would happen and now it has.

    When you look to government to act as God then you will be required to bow at their alter. Thanks for nothing.

  • Bart

    if dolan spent 1/100th of the time on routing out child molesters and exposing institutionalized coverup of pedophilia to the highest levels of the church, as he does trying to control something he’s never (or so he says) participated in i.e. a woman’s reproductive capabilites, he’d have some credibility. Fact is he’s an ignorant slave to an obsolete doctrine that has been roundly rejected by the vast majority of catholic women who prefer not to be the Church’s baby making machines..

    Dolan is part of the problem of the cloistered and out of touch madness exemplified by the catholic church.

  • tom.webb.583671

    And some Catholics are not exactly thrilled by the ludicrous Fortnight of Freedom” campaign. Catholics including many bishops west of the Mississippi River believe their zealous brethren have gone off the deep-end.