ThursdayâÂ?Â?s Religion News Roundup: Trump, Newt, Romney & Obama at Prayer Breakfast

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Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so we will have more Newt and Trump, and the "very poor" will have Mitt. Obama has the National Prayer Breakfast, the 99 percent have their own prayer breakfast, and George Beverly Shea is 103.

  • Sabelotodo2

    You members of the Fourth Estate are certainly true to your political colors! Putting “religious” in front of the “news service” name is no guarantee of balance and freedom from not-so-subtle bias.

    You went to the trouble of printing a multi-sentence quotes from Obama about poverty and spirituality, yet you couldn’t bring yourself to include the second sentence of Romney’s, about supporting any fixes to the safety net for the very poor–the very context the absence of which Romney was protesting.

    Then you go on to bring up “vulture capitalism” and the low rate of taxes Romney paid on his millions in 2011 income. Oh, and conveniently–amidst a story about religion, wealth and giving–you forgot to mention how much Romney also paid to charity, which almost trumps the amount he paid in taxes–and taken together, easily nullifies the whole Warren Buffett millionaires’ social obligation piece. Yet it was more important that you include Obama’s quote about “forgoing tax deductions he could have taken” without any specificity.

    Altogether missing here, is any discussion of a really central issue–that’s whether one’s spirituality leads them to be personally involved with the poor and give of their own treasure, or just to vote and lobby government to care for the poor with other people’s money–saving them the anguish and trouble of getting their hands dirty and emptying their own wallet, to personally help those in need. I don’t recall Christ lobbying the government entities of his day, to do the blessed “dirty work” of lifting up the poor and dispossessed around him. He charged his followers to do that in His name–along the way, dispensing a transformative love that changes both people and conditions.

    I’m a a new subscriber to RNS, a political independent, former debate coach and former teacher of both journalism and critical thinking. I expect a decent attempt at something that comes close to balance and fairness–particularly when reporting on sensitive topics where politics is mingled with the Sacred. You guys flunk big time. From here on, I’ll know that whatever I read regarding religion and the presidential race, is heavily influenced by a big pro-Obama bias.